Altia Design is a full-feature user interface design, simulation and model integration environment.

  • Build high-fidelity, functionally complete prototypes and GUIs. 
  • Create accurate simulation models to test your code, algorithms, concepts and systems. 
  • Integrate models with third-party tools or your own application code.

DeepScreen converts models and prototypes into deployable graphics code - fast.

  • Code is small, efficient and fine-tuned for your target operating system. 
  • Generate code for commercial and custom RTOs - or even no RTOs at all. 
  • Shave months - even years - off your schedule.

PhotoProto is a PhotoShop add-on that converts graphics into interactive, user-driven prototypes.

  • Create functional GUI prototypes with a few mouse clicks.
  • Name and arrange layers and PhotoProto automatically assigns appropriate behaviors.
  • Instantly import PhotoProto's XML and PNGs into other Altia products.

FlowProto is a Microsoft Visio add-on that transforms flowcharts into interactive prototypes.

  • Define behavior based on user interaction. 
  • Convert behavior to C code and run on hardware. 
  • Import FlowProto output into other Altia products for development and code generation.