You’re an interaction designer. You must…

  • Communicate your product’s interactivity and functionality.
  • Define the behavior of your system to its user’s interactions – creating
    both simple and complex workflows for your software engineers.
  • Develop a system that balances the user’s needs with the technological
    capabilities of your product.

Not an easy task list… until now.

FlowProto® is a Microsoft Visio add-on that allows interaction designers to make their flowcharts work for them – by converting the flowcharts into interactive user interface prototypes. FlowProto makes it easy to simulate and test flowcharts to confirm accuracy and completeness. What’s more, the behavior description created by FlowProto can be converted to C code and deployed on an inexpensive embedded target.

All of the XML logic and graphics output from FlowProto can be pulled into the Altia tool chain for further development and code generation. That means FlowProto can be a basic tool to make Visio diagrams interactive, or it can serve as the basis for full-blown product development – with Visio diagrams to document the implementation.

The result: A cool, user-friendly and safe product that pleases a variety of consumers.


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