Altia's mission is to simplify the embedded graphics development process. To accomplish this, we provide additional products and services to make your job as easy, productive and successful as possible.



To accelerate your GUI development, Altia supplies a set of pre-built, industry-specific libraries of objects used by Altia Design. These objects can be used as-is or easily modified to suit your needs. We are continually expanding the selection of add-on libraries to include real-world components for design needs ranging from aerospace to automotive to embedded systems and more. Click here for more information about user interface libraries.



Building your virtual prototype is only part of the job. You need to get it in the hands of your colleagues and customers so that you can get the feedback you need to get the specs right. Altia's runtime environments get your prototypes the exposure they need.


Altia Targets

Altia provides target-specific code generators for leading RTOSs and microprocessors. You can also build your own targets for your own custom RTOS or for embedded systems with no RTOS at all. Call us for the latest list of available targets or click here for a recent list.


Consulting Services

Sometimes you don't have the staff to get your GUI done. Altia has a team of engineers ready to step in when you need help. These are people who are experts in graphics design, human factors and embedded software development. We know embedded systems engineering and can save you time and money on your project. Click here for more information.



Training is the key to efficient, successful tool usage. We have a staff of expert trainers who know Altia's tools inside and out. They also understand your problems and issues because they have built embedded systems themselves. They are experts who can turn you into an expert. Altia can deliver training at your site or at our Colorado headquarters. Click here for more information.


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