Build interactive user interface assets in Adobe Photoshop

You’re a talented graphics artist. Photoshop trembles at your touch. Take your art to the next level by turning static graphics into interactive prototypes with a few mouse clicks. That’s what PhotoProto® does. It walks through your Photoshop file, exports all those carefully crafted images and references them in a file that the PhotoProto player displays. But this goes way beyond graphics. You simply name and arrange your layers and PhotoProto automatically assigns the appropriate behavior. Name a layer “button” and the images can be pressed like a button in the player. Name a set of screens, and a multi-view application comes alive. It’s incredibly easy. See for yourself with our free trial.

“I've always spent a lot of time writing text documents describing where each button should be, how objects should work... Now – with PhotoProto – it's just few clicks and I have a functional GUI prototype. All without leaving Photoshop – simply great!”

- Vaclav Krejci


Use Adobe Photoshop to create your artwork. Name layers with GUI keywords and PhotoProto automatically creates a fully-functional interactive prototype.

Photoshop addon photoproto

Turn art into interactivityLooking to go beyond prototyping?

  • PhotoProto’s XML and perfectly trimmed PNGs (bitmap graphics) are instantly importable to other products in the Altia tool chain.
  • Pass these assets off to your programmers who can integrate them into their code.
  • PhotoProto will slice and dice your images and export them into a directory (with alpha channels intact). You’ll never want to do it by hand again.


“The product is well-produced and easy to use, which is hard to achieve.

I design a lot of multimedia as well as traditional print and web designs, and I have always worked in Flash – but sometimes that requires complex work just to make simple interfaces and interactivity. What I see in PhotoProto is a way to create solid, interactive multimedia without the complexity that it normally demands – PhotoProto's methods are that slick.

I've seen applications before that work within Photoshop to create functional websites, Flash or other interactive media that requires programming, and more often than not it doesn't hold up to the old methods – but I think PhotoProto does, and that opens doors for a lot to Photoshop users everywhere who are trying to break into multimedia creation. If that isn't a jolt to the industry, I don't know what is.”

- Jeremy Schultz, Founding Member & Associate Editor


“I had to develop a prototype of automotive instrument panel features in short order. What would have taken me weeks through an outside design house was done in two days.”

- Dave Dale, Executive Director
  Tweddle Litho Company


“Without PhotoProto, I would have to mock up interfaces with HTML. That's a lot of HTML coding, and setting up tables to get around the browser's positioning idiosyncrasies, and the bookkeeping for all the little icons is a nightmare – especially if there are a lot of design refinements. With PhotoProto, it's all done in PhotoShop. There isn't the delay in going from idea to demo while you make a bunch of icons and modify your HTML code. You just make the changes in the PhotoShop layers, run the PhotoProto script, and you can quickly see the results.

PhotoProto eliminates the delay in going from idea to prototype. Instead of wasting time coding up a prototype interface, you just set up your layers in PhotoShop, and PhotoProto does the rest.”

- Lynn Grant
  Castle Development Group


“Wow, this is exactly the type of tool that I have been looking for, not only for personal use, but for my clients as well. I tested PhotoProto with Smart Objects as well as PNG and vector based graphics and to my surprise it all worked flawlessly!! I'm blown away!”

- Frank Gonzales, Control and Applications Engineer
  Lectrosonics, Inc.


Articles / Reviews

  • Photoshop Roadmap - “PhotoProto is a new, and as far as I know, never done before Photoshop plugin. It’s an unique concept that eliminates the pain of creating user-driven interfaces prototypes.”

  • FDLC - “Altia PhotoProto is an excellent tool that will transform your Adobe Photoshop artwork into working GUIs.”

  • Designorati:Photoshop - “PhotoProto allows for interactive buttons, sliders, knobs and wheels and supports media including images, music files, video (both live and not) and 3-D graphics, and can manipulate these in remarkable ways.”

  • Screen Online - “An interesting Photoshop Plugin named “PhotoProto” [by] Altia (Windows, MacOS X) permits the production of interactive prototypes for demo purposes.”

  • Synaptic Burn - “Altia has created a new Photoshop plug-in, called PhotoProto, that helps people make prototypes. I know a lot of designers live in Photoshop and this tool can be really helpful.”

  • Mac-NN - “The plug-in requires no scripting language or complex authoring environment knowledge, and the output is presentable to engineers as well as programmers who can use it directly within the desired software.”


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