Laundry gets touchscreen face lift

An article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal featured some cool technology from a few of the major producers of residential washers and dryers. Newer generations of laundry appliances utilize high-end LCD  touchscreen interfaces to control their myriad of features, cycles, and options. We have several similar projects we’re working on right now.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The article showcases products from Whirlpool, Bosch, Sears, LG, Kenmore, and GE. And at upwards of $4,000 a pair, some of the appliances provide some amazing technology. A few cool features mentioned:

-Our favorite: the latest generation of appliances feature LCD touch screen displays that make controlling the appliance easy. Closer to a smartphone than washers of old. Click here to see some examples of Altia technology embedded in washers and dryers. (Click on Demos)

-One product includes a feature “that allows consumers to do small loads of laundry overnight and have them ready by morning.”

-GE’s Steam Washer can remove so much moisture they are “ready to wear without putting in the dryer.” Genius.

Altia CEO discusses industry lessons for GUIs…

We’ve got an exciting webinar on the calendar! Our CEO, Mike Juran, will be revealing the lessons he has learned for getting high-impact HMIs into production embedded devices…profitably. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, November 16th from 12:00 -12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. Click here to register.

For the last twenty years, Mike has helped HMI innovators develop embedded HMIs for their products. Whether your company is new to embedded touch screen development or you’re on your second, third or fourth generation embedded display, this presentation will surely be worthwhile.

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