An article in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal featured some cool technology from a few of the major producers of residential washers and dryers. Newer generations of laundry appliances utilize high-end LCD  touchscreen interfaces to control their myriad of features, cycles, and options. We have several similar projects we’re working on right now.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The article showcases products from Whirlpool, Bosch, Sears, LG, Kenmore, and GE. And at upwards of $4,000 a pair, some of the appliances provide some amazing technology. A few cool features mentioned:

-Our favorite: the latest generation of appliances feature LCD touch screen displays that make controlling the appliance easy. Closer to a smartphone than washers of old. Click here to see some examples of Altia technology embedded in washers and dryers. (Click on Demos)

-One product includes a feature “that allows consumers to do small loads of laundry overnight and have them ready by morning.”

-GE’s Steam Washer can remove so much moisture they are “ready to wear without putting in the dryer.” Genius.