User Experience Director to Present at ‘Internet User Experience 2011’


Steve Tengler, Altia’s User Experience Director, will be presenting at IUE2011, the Internet User Experience Conference, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. IUE2011 spotlights effective and compelling designs for web and mobile sites and applications, and teaches methods for dramatically improving today’s user experience.  With his presentation, “The Evolving User Interface,” Steve will extend the conversation beyond the traditional web and mobile space to its newest connected platforms – embedded displays in automotive and consumer products.

Here’s Steve’s grinning mug and a blurb about his talk:

We’d love to have you join Steve at his talk! October 13th at 10:30am.

How Swede it is: IKEA and User Experience

We’ve officially hit the big time. No, I don’t mean the local emergence of the next great international bike raceColorado now has an IKEA. It’s not hard to miss on the west side of I-25 about 45 mintutes north of our headquarters here in north Colorado Springs. It’s blue and huge and it takes about 8 minutes to drive past it going 70 mph on the interstate. I don’t think they could see it from space, but we can probably *almost see the gawdy 92-foot sign two counties away.

My wife and I ventured to IKEA last Saturday (bad idea) to take in the sights and sounds: neither of us had been to this fabled mecca of home decor. READ POST >>