WEBINAR | Becoming User-Centered: Recruit, Test and Iterate Your Embedded GUI

WEBINAR  Becoming User-Centered: Recruit, Test and Iterate Your Embedded GUI

Tuesday, April 24th, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

It’s commonly held wisdom within the user experience (UX) community to test and refine your interfaces with real users. However, recruiting and managing the usability testing process is where many organizations fall flat. The strategy is understood but execution is poor. Results are skewed, outcomes are weak, and the product suffers.

Steve Tengler, Altia’s User Experience Director, will use research, best practices, and his 20+ years in the usability field to dig into this exact question during our upcoming one hour webinar. Register now to learn and share in a discussion about:

  • The “uncentered” design of today
  • Internal recruitment – the pros and cons
  • Advice for outside recruiting
  • Time to test – a model (on hardware) is best!
  • Making the most of user feedback

No matter where you are in your embedded GUI development cycle – if you want to deliver a winning UX to your new product, please join us for this important event!

Altia Talks Key to Product and UX Success with Embedded News

The team at Embedded News caught up with Altia’s President, Peter Abowd, at embedded world 2012, and they sat down to interview him about the growth in embedded displays – especially in new areas like fitness, home appliance and medical devices. What challenges are these companies new to embedded displays facing? Peter weighs in – giving his recommendations for the best approach for user interface development and explaining how Altia helps these user interface development teams get a great user experience into production on their next product.

Here’s the interview. Enjoy!

Is Apple falling behind? The future of multiple input modalities

apple user interface user experience UI GUI HMI UX–Peter Abowd is Altia’s President. —

A recent article in EE times asks the question “Is ‘vision’ the next-gen must-have user interface?”  Sure, you can control your device via touch, but what about other inputs such as voice, vision or “mental telepathy”? The article argues that Apple has made great strides for touch, but isn’t bringing new technologies to market that feature other innovative inputs.