Steve Tengler Reviews The Mobile Book by Smashing Magazine

Congratulations, Smashing Magazine, on your release of The Mobile Book!

This new publication offers wisdom about the most important things that you need to know as a designer, developer or mobile strategist to make your websites optimized for mobile – collected from some of the magazine’s most illustrious authors.

Smashing promises…

“You’ll dive deep into the peculiarities of the mobile industry, explore responsive design strategy, design patterns and optimization techniques, learn about wireframing and prototyping for mobile as well as the guidelines for designing with gestures and touch. If you are looking for a good book on mobile, this is the one.”

Steve Tengler, Altia’s own UX Director, had the opportunity to review the book for He gives it a definite “thumbs up”!

“If you’re an executive, …capture these three key points: 1) ‘There’s no time like the present to abandon static ways of thinking about how layout and content interact’ and 2) ‘…57% of users who had a problem with a website on their mobile phone, including slow loading, wouldn’t recommend that website or service; 46% wouldn’t return’, and 3) ‘… there is no substitute for being in control of your own destiny.’ If you are the UX architect, these informative chapters should become your Even-Newer Testament.

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Auto HMI Development “Demystified” in New SAE Article

The many nuances of creating excellent automotive HMI and infotainment systems require careful up-front planning.

Why? It’s just designing a few screens in a vehicle, right?

Not even close. When done correctly, automotive HMI development must consider and then connect a complex network of operating systems, middleware, modalities and more. Developers need to accommodate a wide range of user personas with varying goals. What devices are the users bringing into the vehicle? What apps are they running? Can my OS handle it?

Furthermore, the design team needs to build an HMI that will not only assure user safety, but also user DELIGHT. In the age of social media, it’s astonishing what a few complaints about your product on the Twitterverse or in the hallowed halls of Facebook will do to your product’s reputation.

Fear not! In a new article on SAE Vehicle Engineering Online, a couple of HMI development experts have laid out a plan for automotive HMI development success.

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