Steve Tengler Talks Elevator UX and Promoting Empathy for Users

Steve Tengler, Altia’s UX Director, is gearing up with UX Magazine to judge the “International Design for Experience Awards (DfE)”. In

Empathy for the user? Not if you're designing elevator controls!
Empathy for the user? Not if you’re designing elevator controls!

his latest article on, he forewarns nominees that he’s got a critical eye on the “Promoting Empathy for Users” category … especially if the nominated product is an elevator.

Read Steve’s funny and incredibly on point commentary here.

Then click here to nominate a great UX product, company or professional for the DfE Award!


Altia UX Director to Judge The International Design for Experience Awards

UX Magazine announces The International Design for Experience Awards, a program that will recognize people and companies that have achieved success in the design of user- and customer-centered products and services. Altia’s own UX Director, Steve Tengler, will sit on the panel of judges along with a host of User Experience experts from academia and industry.

The awards program is community driven — and nominations are open to the public. Finalists will be selected based on how much support they receive from the community.

UX Magazine is seeking nominations for a large number of categories, including:

  • Academic Program
  • Accessibility
  • Adoption of Experience Strategy
  • Bottom Line Impact
  • Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences
  • Bringing Order to Big Data
  • Complete Customer Experience Ecosystem
  • Consumer Product
  • Cross-Platform Experience
  • Effective Agency Team
  • Effective In-House Team
  • Experience for Children
  • Experience that Makes a Difference
  • Foresight of User Needs
  • Innovative Research Technique
  • Interaction Design Innovation
  • Interactive Component of an Ad Campaign
  • Mobile Solution or Application
  • Promoting Empathy for Users
  • Public Sector Experience
  • Strategy to Execution
  • Union of Design and Engineering
  • Work Environment for Digital Practitioners – Agency
  • Work Environment for Digital Practitioners – In-House

Click here to nominate your team! The deadline for applications is December 15, 2013. Winners will be announced in January 2014. Sign up for email updates to be notified of important dates and new information about the program.


EE Times Article on Current Trends and the Future of HMI

Check out NXP’s perspective of the factors behind the current proliferation of embedded graphics — and likely future trends in HMIs.  The article touches on hardware capabilities, touch technologies, memory configurations and, of course, graphics code generators.

An interesting read from Ken Dwyer: