What Were the Top UX Trends for 2013?

From “Bad UX Goes Mainstream” to “Pinterestization”…?

“A lot has happened over the last 12 months, so we turned to our contributors and other members of the UX community for their notable trends of 2013. We asked why these things mattered, if they were positive for users and practitioners, and what kind of future the trend has in 2014.”

Check out this insightful and fun retrospective from UX Magazine — “The Top UX Trends of 2013“!

Steve Tengler and UX Magazine Nominate Favorite Hollywood UX Lessons


The Hollywood Foreign Press announced their nominees for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards last week. So Steve Tengler and the team at UX Magazine decided to do some nominating of their own.

They revisited the UX Lessons from Hollywood series — where Steve Tengler called out some key lessons about usability and user experience from the films of Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Laura Dern and Seth Rogen — and nominated their top five lessons from the series.

Which lessons came out on top? Click here to find out!

(Want to see Steve Tengler present 25 of these lessons to Refresh Chicago? Click here for a recording of the event!)


“Design Matters” Talks Tengler’s UXMag Interview with Tesla

Remember Steve Tengler’s recent interview with Tesla’s UX Director, Brennan Boblett, on UXMag.com? The team at Digital Telepathy discussed the article in a recent “Design Matters” episode!

Watch it here:




“The UX Explorers at Ford: An Interview with Parrish Hanna and Chris Thibodeau”

From the latest article on UXMag.com.

Looking back, the early 21st century will be considered the age of UX Epiphany. For nearly fifty years, we languished with knobs and buttons where styling was only the consideration of plasticized curves.

The last decade, however, has seen an onslaught of new user interfaces and associated modalities bringing a paradigm shift about a company’s holistic product; sleekness is measured when it is electrically alive as well as mechanically alive. Dr. William Gribbons said it best in his article The Four Waves of User-Centered Design.”

“In the most demanding markets, user experience became part of a product’s brand and was carefully orchestrated across every touch point with the customer.”

In response to this recent explosion in UX, Ford Motor Company has hired folks like Parrish Hanna and Chris Thibodeau—Global Director of Human-Machine Interface and Executive Manager of Global Product Planning for User Interface, Connectivity, and Infotainment respectively—to react and reshape Ford’s user experience.
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