How Microsoft’s Continuum Is Changing the Future of UI

How Microsoft’s Continuum Is Changing the Future of UI

Mobile devices are more popular than ever. Nearly everyone carries a phone, tablet or some other type of wearable technology. And if Microsoft has its way, Windows 10 Continuum will be all you need to continue your computing experience – only without the computer.
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5 Guidelines for Prototyping Your GUI

5 Gudelines for Prototyping your GUISometimes developers see things differently than users. Creating user interface (UI) prototypes is one way to reduce the risk of a disconnect occurring between the system developers and system users.

Developers need to interact with intended users early in the development process. Prototyping is typically an iterative process, with previous models either being updated and improved by incorporating corrections and feedback from users or discarded altogether for new and improved ones. Prototypes can be used for testing a single component of a system or for testing the complete system.

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Mastering the Art of Simplicity in UI Design

Keep GUI Design SimpleWhether they’re designing a graphical or text-based interface, UI designers are always on the lookout for a better end product. This search most always leads them to one basic but far-reaching question: how can I make my design simpler?

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