Future-Proof Your UI Design Using These 5 Rules 

Balance UI Design for UIWe’ve all seen what an outdated UI looks like. In some cases, the technology has simply far outpaced the old design. In other cases, however, it’s the design itself that is behind the times.

Whether it’s an old trend or an outmoded style choice, these old-fashioned UIs stick out like sore thumbs. However, there are other products or equipment with UI designs that maintain high usability and functionality despite being much older.

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4 Fundamental Rules for Building Valuable User Personas 

Knowing your target audienceBuilding valuable user personas is no easy task. Designers and developers must first understand the fundamental process and know what to look for as they create customer persona dossiers.

Follow these 4 unbreakable rules to maximize the power of your persona.

  1. Understand your audience

In order to build an accurate persona, you must first define your audience on a fundamental level. This is a broad first step, but an important one. Begin simply. Will your design be more widely used by a particular age group, gender, financial class, education level? Gather all pertinent demographic information available for your target audience and begin “painting pictures” of intended users. Once you have crafted a clear idea of who your audience is you’ll be better able to understand what they want and need from your design. Continue reading “4 Fundamental Rules for Building Valuable User Personas “

Altia Announces Code Generation Support for STMicroelectronics STM32F7 Microcontroller

See Altia-Generated Code in Action on STM32F7 at ESC Silicon Valley – July 20-22, 2015

Altia, a global leader in graphical user interface development software, announces code generation support for the new STMicroelectronics STM32F7 Microcontroller. The STM32F7 addresses a broad range of applications and is the first microcontroller on the market to feature the new ARM® Cortex®-M7 processor: the latest and highest-performing Cortex-M core for advanced consumer, industrial, medical, and Internet-of-Things devices. This chip is expected to provide product designers with unrivaled opportunities to enhance application performance, add new functions, extend battery life, ensure security and minimize use of external components to save cost and size.

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GUI and UI Design: Balancing Form and Function

GUI Design Form vs. Function

GUI and UI design can be tricky business. Both must perform any number of complex functions, all while maintaining an attractive aesthetic that complements a product or application’s overall design. Successful designers understand the importance of striking the fine balance between form and function in GUI design.

The Importance of Branding User Experience

Brand consistency is a crucial component of user experience, whether online or offline. It’s so vital, in fact, that the branding stage should be one of the first steps in creating any UI. Developing an accurate understanding of a company’s end users, business goals and overall vision should largely shape UI design, ensuring that any time a user interacts with a UI, the design clearly reflects the company’s brand, ultimately contributing to increased user loyalty and satisfaction. Continue reading “GUI and UI Design: Balancing Form and Function”