The future of automotive is now. Advanced 3D displays, haptic controls, advanced driver assistance systems are the innovations that will take automotive user experience to the next level – and Altia will get you there.

Altia is the key to connecting your next generation automotive displays to the future.

Our HMI development software integrates with the tools you need to generate visionary user interfaces while maintaining a clear focus on safety, performance and user experience requirements.

Stop by Altia’s Booth 50 at ConCarExpo 2017 on 5-6 July 2017 in Berlin to check out our graphics code at work on a sampling of low- to high-power hardware supported by Altia DeepScreen – from the Cypress Traveo S6J32 and Renesas RH850/D1L microcontrollers all the way up to the latest NXP i.MX 8 and Renesas R-Car H3 application processors.

We’ll also have two presentations this year!

For more information about ConCarExpo 2017, click here. Want to learn more about creating user interfaces of the future with Altia? Email us to request a meeting.