Join Altia for “When Embedded Experts are Scarce — Low-Code/No-Code Graphics Software to the Rescue”, a free webcast on Wednesday, March 31 at 10 AM ET. This event will be hosted by Digital Business Hub, a divison of we.CONECT.


As beautiful HMIs take over the automotive cockpit, the demand for embedded coders to develop them is soaring. But there too few embedded developers in the world to do all the work. How do automotive companies with urgent project schedules deliver? OEMs and Tier 1s leverage their entire teams to overcome the limited number of coders and keep pace with product schedules. UX experts, graphic designers, system security experts, functional safety experts and more are members of these HMI teams; their input must make it onto the embedded device.

Low-code/No-code GUI development environments empower automotive development teams to succeed.

During this webcast, Jeff Stewart, Altia Director of Field Application Engineering, will discuss…
  • How teams are tackling design today
  • How embedded experts can focus on getting their designs to hardware
  • The benefit this approach brings to software developers
  • How to reduce waste and improve overall product outcome by allowing all members of team to contribute to final product

For more information and to register, click here.