Altia's tools help you get your embedded system GUI on hardware - fast.

You have brilliant ideas sure to be market winners. Your design and development team are second to none. Now you need to hone your ideas and deliver your product before the competition.

Altia user interface software running on embedded system hardware

Artists, interaction designers, engineers and programmers can quickly build concept prototypes, models and deployable code. You no longer worry about misinterpreted specs or wasted assets. Your prototype communicates your intent perfectly and everything from graphics to logic gets used and reused. From concept to code, Altia's tools drastically reduce your workload. You'll build products that are remarkably easy to use. You'll integrate your system in record time. You'll build products that customers want. You'll build profits beyond your wildest dreams.

Build Powerful UIs with Altia's User Interface Design Software

We have PhotoProto for those who want to design a GUI using Photoshop. For Interaction Designers who want to turn their Visio flowcharts into interactive user interface prototypes, we have FlowProto. If you need ultimate control, Altia Design is a GUI builder and user interface design tool for laying out custom GUIs. For embedded systems, DeepScreen embedded GUI software automatically generates deployable GUI code for your target. Finally, we offer expert user interface design and GUI development services to help plan, prototype and implement your next GUI design.


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