Partner with the best GUI design and deployment specialists in the business and deliver a market-winning GUI for 25% of the time and expense.

Altia's engineers and graphic design gurus are here to help with your user interface challenges. Since 1991, we've worked with countless artists, software developers, human factors experts and systems engineers in the automotive, defense, medical, consumer electronics and white goods industries. Our experienced team knows what it takes to deliver a first rate GUI – whether you have every screen already planned down to the pixel or you are just beginning to conceptualize.


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Explore design possibilities

Altia tools are known for letting interface designers quickly prototype an interface. Nobody is better or faster at this than our team. If you're looking to design a user interface that re-defines the way things are done, you'll want to try out your concepts to see how they work. Once your ground-breaking GUI is off the drawing board and in your hands, you'll discover tweaks you want to make to its look and feel. No problem. Altia consultants have plenty of experience with iterative design processes and can deliver variations on a design very quickly.

“I had to develop a prototype of automotive instrument panel features in short order. What would have taken me weeks through an outside design house was done in two days.”

- Dave Dale, Executive Director Tweddle Litho Company

Kick start your Altia development

Already have Altia tools but don't currently have the staff to meet your schedule? Naturally, we use Altia products and deliver results that you can bring right into the Altia tool chain. Since we designed and implemented the tools, you can be sure that nobody wrings more performance and eye-popping graphics out of Altia software. We’re passionate about making you – and our products – look great.

Moreover, we're disciplined and ultra-responsive when it comes to communication – so we'll fit right in to your process. We know what makes a good team and we're committed to delivering top-notch results.

Completely implement a GUI

If you have the specifications all worked out and need someone to develop an embedded GUI or even deployable graphics code, we can help. Having gone through the entire design-tweak-develop-deploy cycle many times, we can lend our expertise to your project.
Whether you're just wondering how your concept will "feel" once you can click around it – or you need to deploy a deeply embedded GUI, give us a call. You'll be glad you did.

Talk to an expert about your project to find out if and where we can help. We like to dig in a little before trying to hammer out contracts and price. If it makes sense for you to use our services, we can then dive in and make sure all the business issues are as compelling as the technology.



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