Altia Design

Altia Design is the centerpiece of Altia's tool-chain. If you need a detailed, functionally complete, fully integrated user interface that can be turned into deployable code, then Altia Design is for you. Altia Design picks up where PhotoProto leaves off, by offering an environment that lets you completely control custom objects – and take them to the next level of fidelity by connecting to application code or simulations.

From Concept to Code

Altia Design is a powerful graphics development tool that lets you build high performance, professional-looking prototypes and GUIs without hand coding graphics one line at a time.

  • Describe animation, stimulus and behavior without programming.
  • Deliver a complete GUI model to customers, marketing, engineering and executives.
  • Implement feedback with fast iterations – and overall improved user experience.
  • Integrate your user interface to your system models for complete validation of system.
  • Prepare your interface for DeepScreen's powerful code generation.

From Prototype to Final Products

Anything built in Altia Design can be used during all stages of the embedded development process. And it does not stop there. The Altia designs can also be used in interactive training programs or put on the web for sales and marketing.

3D Support

Altia Design output can be used as a:

  • Fully functional, interactive, stand-alone virtual prototype
  • Front-end to a simulation model
  • Software GUI connected to application code
  • Web based demonstration of a new product
  • Deployable graphics program for your embedded system


How do I get started?

The Altia tool suite helps companies worldwide to deliver first class embedded GUIs for their products on the right fit, right priced hardware.

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