Altia DeepScreen

Altia DeepScreen is a graphics code generator that converts your Altia Design prototype graphics into tight, deployable graphics code. To generate code, you simply select the design objects that represent the display portion of your product and click on the "Generate Code" menu. Pure ANSI C code is generated in seconds rather than months.

With DeepScreen you can reserve your precious programming time for more important things, like building your application code and getting it to run on your hardware!

Kiss grunt work goodbye

Use Altia DeepScreen to:

  • Get Photoshop graphics on embedded system targets
  • Turn Altia Design screens into deployable C code
  • Easily switch between RTOs - or use none at all
  • Deploy GUIs on high and low end targets
  • Alleviate the burden of hand coding graphics
  • Meet aggressive schedules







3D Support

Experience seamless integration.

Generate code for any of the many targets that DeepScreen supports.

DeepScreen generates fully compliant ANSI C source code. There are no added libraries or engines that must go on target.

Changes to the user interface can normally be accomplished in minutes or hours. Once made, new code is quickly generated and compiled for your target - or even your new target.

Deliver your pixels to production hardware.

Moving from a prototype to actual code can be tricky, especially if you are switching between target operating systems since graphics toolkits tend to look and feel different on each.

This is not a problem for Altia DeepScreen.

The generated code duplicates the Altia design exactly - independent of your selected silicon. This is the same design that has been seen by your customers, human factors, marketing, and systems engineers. There are no surprises. Your customers get exactly what they were expecting.

3D Support

How do I get started?

The Altia tool suite helps companies worldwide to deliver first class embedded GUIs for their products on the right fit, right priced hardware.

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