Announcing Altia Design 11.1.1

The latest version of our GUI editor is chock full of new features to help companies get eye-catching GUIs into production smarter and faster! Check out this five-minute video tour of some of the new features in our new release.

8 Videos Demonstrating These New Features

  • 3D Scene Object – New Updates
  • Validator – New Updates
  • Multi-Plot Object
  • Debugger
  • Layer Manager – Now with Video Layer Support
  • Text Shaping – Right-to-Left Language Support
  • Monotype® Font Engine Support
  • New and Improved Libraries
3D Support
See Altia in action

3D Support

User InterfaceDebugger

Quickly view the real time event I/O flow and add watchlist variables.

  • Streamline design behavior through insight of event flow
  • Backtrack behaviors to their source – better integrate new behaviors into design
  • Filter the event log or create watchlists to see only the events that you care about – and zero in on the information you need.

Multi-Plot Object

This is a new Altia object targeted at advanced applications where complex plotting, strip-charting and data logging are needed. Great new feature for medical and industrial GUIs.

If you're planning to plot data in your next GUI, then this is a feature you must see! Click here to check it out.

3D Support

Why Altia?

Get a first class GUI from your artist's imagination to the lowest cost hardware in the shortest time with Altia.

  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)
  • From low end chips to high end systems
  • Works with any OS or no OS at all
  • Custom GUI development