DeepScreen for Renesas RZ/A1

Altia’s DeepScreen target for Renesas RZ/A1 is now available! Check out this sneak peek handheld video of a soon-to-be-released demo -- and see Altia in action on the Renesas RZ/A1.

Altia and Renesas: Proven and Optimized

Together, we’re driving some of the most exciting embedded displays on the market.

Altia already supports a variety of Renesas targets like:

  • DR4-3D
  • Dx4-H
  • RX600
  • SH7268/9

Graphics code for Renesas RZ/A1 is optimized to take full advantage of on-chip resources

Altia Target for Renesas RZ/A1

  • OpenVG 1.1 Accelerated
  • Device-dependent bitmaps
  • Transparent PNGs
  • Dirty-region redraw
  • Anti-aliased text and vectors
  • Full animation: rotating, scaling, stretching, distorting


Want to see Altia working on a real RZ board?

Seeing is believing. We want to get a working Altia demo on Renesas RZ in your hands. Interested? Click below to get in touch.

Watch Now


Get Your Artwork Working

Want to know more about how Altia can help you get a first class GUI onto your Renesas RZ/A1? Let us know. A member of our sales team will get in touch with you ASAP.

User InterfaceWhy Altia?

Get a first class GUI from your artist's imagination to the lowest cost hardware in the shortest time with Altia.

  • Strong Partnership with Renesas
  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)
  • From low end chips to high end systems
  • Works with any OS or no OS at all
  • Custom GUI development