Creating a New UX: Then vs. Now

Chevrolet Vega LogoIf you have a few gray hairs, you may recall the days when creating the best possible automotive user experience had much to do with your abilities to drill holes, to turn wrenches and screwdrivers, to route hoses, and to string yards of 16 to 20 AWG wire. Not to mention attempting to master the elusive arts of wire connector crimping and door panel removal, without destroying precious parts. These days, you need to have a penchant for comparing font styles and color gradients, an eye for deciding how thick of a drop shadow to employ, and a general feel for the pros and cons of runtime versus up-front rendering. Or at least know how to interface with people that do.

What lessons can we learn from the way things used to be, that can be applied today? Nothing can answer that question better than a real-life example…

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Looking Back at embedded world 2017

The show results are in! In its 15th year, embedded world proved itself to be one of THE BEST events for engaging with the international embedded community. The numbers tell the story.

  • 30,017 visitors
  • 71 countries represented
  • 548 exhibitors at embedded world 2017 Expo
  • 98% satisfaction with exhibits
  • 1,796 participants and speakers at embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference

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Altia Delivers REAL 3D

Adding 3D to your GUIs is a sure way to reshape the user experience of your device. Altia’s GUI development tools provide the power to integrate beautiful, informative and genuine 3D content for your production embedded GUIs.

Want to experience Altia’s turbocharged 3D for yourself? Check out our brand-new cluster demo with cool jet engine-shaped gauges.

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Check out Altia’s new demo reel!

Check out the stunning possibilities – custom graphics, cool 2D and 3D content, finely-tuned fonts and much more – available with Altia’s graphical user interface development software. Automotive, medical, consumer electronics and industrial device companies around the world use Altia to get market-winning embedded displays into production.

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Altia Takes on Colorado College in Code Battle

On Thursday, March 30, expert coders from Altia and X-IO Technologies competed in a Code Battle with members of the Colorado College Coding Club.

Almost 20 people competed in the coder-against-coder CodeFights tournament. The battle consisted of two “Codewriting” challenges. Contestants were presented with an algorithmic problem that they had to solve given a specified set of limitations – all in 15 minutes. Competitors could choose from a variety of coding languages as their “weapon” of choice – C#, C++, HTML, Java, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic and others. While developing their own solutions against a ticking clock, contestants were presented with real-time updates on their opponents. The pressure was intense!

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Doing Business in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs isn’t just a great place to live. With easy access to travel, a high concentration of companies in growing industries like health, IT and aerospace/defense plus very reasonable operational and living costs, “The Springs” is also a great place to work and do business.

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Why Living in Colorado Springs is Awesome

If you were to ask anyone from our team at Altia HQ about why living in Colorado Springs is so amazing, you would get MANY different answers…

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